A quick book review — Chokepoint Capitalism

The authors of Chokepoint Capitalism, Rebecca Giblin and Cory Doctorow, are speaking in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra this week. Some thoughts on the book:

Comics page. I think about passive income a lot and divided the ways of getting it up into nine distinct types.
Comics page. Chokepoint Capitalism is a good book and reminds me of Justin Heazlewood’s Funemployed. They’re both about artists getting dudded. Chokepoint Capitalism looks more at the systemic issues.
Comics page. Chokepoints are built by large companies in order to stop profits and customers escaping, and stop regulation and competition penetrating.
Comics page. I show how my Types of Passive Income relate to creating a chokepoint. It’s more than just “monopoly”.
Comics page. Some ugly stories about how Google, Spotify and other companies steal your attention using technology and sleazy UX theory.
Comics page. Hard to see how things will change. We like convenience.
Comics page. The authors of Chokepoint Capitalism are optimistic that a place will be found for their ideas sooner or later.



David works in service/strategic design: experienceillustration.com. He draws comics at Squishface Studio: squishfacestudio.com. Other stuff: nakedfella.com.

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