Troubled Comics

A Squishface Studio exhibition of “serious” comics/graphics

Riso print tests of Ben Hutchings’ piece “Infectious”

Justify my love

The time is long past that “comics” as an art/writing/communication medium needs to be justified artistically or compared to others.

Framed pieces by Badiucao, ready to be hanged

Storytelling by professionals

What I’ve learned from working in institutions/organisations in the last few years is that most people can’t tell a story worth a damn, even when it’s about them, and especially when it’s important.

Riso prints of Safdar Ahmed’s piece “Imaginary Bodies”
From “Cry Wolf Girl” by Ariel Ries
Test printing my piece “The Simple Journey Out Of Homelessness”

David works in service/strategic design: He draws comics at Squishface Studio: Other stuff:

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