What is xDiscipline?

And why did I decide to put on my own “design” event?

xDiscipline: a practical problem-solving conference
Well, for a start, I think everybody should try holding their own design conference.
We are diverse! One of us has a moustache!
“Ah, you’re one of those Squishface people!” “We’re a people?”
My people wandered in the desert for many years, until we found the Promised Land: Brunswick
“Oh, come on, David — we like having a regular event where we can hear inspiring talks from colleagues, chat, have a drink…”
  • create a strong but flexible structure of facilitated (but not heavily directed) discussions and activities,
  • give everyone the chance to meet and work with our invited guests, and
  • direct everyone’s ideas and thoughts onto paper/whiteboard/post-its — so that it can be collected up, analysed and fed back to the participants post-conference.
“I care about the problems we’re trying to solve, but boy am I tired of pushing shit uphill.”
I’m pretty sure this is all of us.



David works in service/strategic design: experienceillustration.com. He draws comics at Squishface Studio: squishfacestudio.com. Other stuff: nakedfella.com.

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