Visual communication and COVID-19

What do designers look like to “normal” people, and how does it affect their work’s impact?

“We Got Told To F*** Right Off”

A Squishface Studio exhibition of “serious” comics/graphics

Riso print tests of Ben Hutchings’ piece “Infectious”

Justify my love

And why did I decide to put on my own “design” event?

xDiscipline: a practical problem-solving conference
Well, for a start, I think everybody should try holding their own design conference.

In human-centred design we learn from individuals through observation or interviews. We’re often told to “let go of your biases”, but what does that mean in practice?

Things I tell people when they ask me about visualisation work

What do illustrators in Australia want from a peak body?

Above: Jase Harper‘s arm working on comics

David Blumenstein

David works in service/strategic design: He draws comics at Squishface Studio: Other stuff:

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